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Payment and Shipping


Unless otherwise agreed, the payment is made by cash in advance, by credit card or via the payment processing system “PayPal”. Your credit card or PayPal account is debited when the ordering process is completed.

In case of advance payment, we will tell you our bank account details in the order confirmation and we will deliver the goods after receipt of payment.

The right to set off is only given, if your counterclaims have been legally established as final or if they are uncontested or if they have been accepted by us in writing.

You may only exercise a right of retention as far as the claims result from the same contractual relationship.

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Delivery is only possible in the countries listed below with the corresponding carrier.

The delivery time to your country can be found in the following table. If there are any delays in delivery we will notify you of course. With shipping the goods you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail.


Due to logistical reasons, it is only possible for us to deliver in full packages. This mainly concerns the tracks in the scales H0 and G. The packing unit (VE) is clearly visible at the respective articles. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping is not possible to another country than the one specified in the billing address. For security we do not take orders with shipping and billing addresses in different countries. Thank you for your understanding.

Country Delivery Time Carrier Shipping Costs
Austria 2-4 Days GLS 7,50 €*
Belgium 2-4 Days GLS 7,50 €*
Bulgaria 6-8 Days DHL 30,00 €*
Croatia 6-8 Days DHL 25,00 €*
Czech Republic 3-5 Days GLS 11,00 €*
Denmark 3-5 Days GLS 7,50 €*
Estonia 6-8 Days GLS 18,00 €*
Finland 4-6 Days GLS 33,00 €*
France (Mainland)** 3-5 Days GLS 15,00 €*
Germany 1-3 Days DHL / GLS 5,65 €*
Great Britain
3-5 Days GLS 20,00 €*
Hungary 3-5 Days GLS 18,00 €*
Ireland 4-6 Days GLS 25,00 €*
Italy 3-5 Days GLS 16,00 €*
Latvia 6-8 Days GLS 18,00 €*
Lithuania 6-8 Days GLS 18,00 €*
Luxembourg 2-4 Days GLS 7,50 €*
Netherlands 2-4 Days GLS 7,50 €*
Poland 3-5 Days GLS 10,00 €*
Portugal (Mainland)** 5-7 Days GLS 25,00 €*
Romania 4-6 Days GLS 25,00 €*
Slovakia 4-6 Days GLS 25,00 €*
Slovenia 4-6 Days GLS 15,00 €*
Spain (Mainland)** 5-7 Days GLS 25,00 €*
Sweden 3-5 Days GLS 20,00 €*

** No delivery to: Corsica, Azores, Madeira, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta