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Information / Download area for PIKO H0 Expert plus Measure Car

1) Manuals:

2) Free PIKO Measure Car App for Android an iOS

  • Real Time out put of the measured data on Smartphone or Tablet 

Download the App via Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free:

3) PC Software

  • PC ConfigTool** (for further programming of the Measure Car, for example display size and output as well as WiFi connection)
    (Stand 05/2018 | .zip folder | ca. 4 MB)

    The download includes 2 drivers for the USB port of the Measure Car.
    You need to install only one of them and only if your system does not recognise the chip of the Measure Car by itself.

    CDM21228_Setup.exe  for Windows 7 or higher
    CDM20824_Setup.exe for Windows XP

  • Paid PC-Software "PIKO Analyst" (for graphical evaluation of the measured data)
    ► Link to the item "PIKO Analyst" #55051

4) Updates 

older versions:

5) FAQ / Help:

Can the battery pack of the Measure Car be removed / changed?

No, the battery pack is permanently installed. If a change of the battery pack should be necessary please turn directly to PIKO.

Can the Measure Car be used on an 3-wire AC layout?

Yes, due to the built-in battery, the car can also be used on 3-wire AC systems. In the AC area, the functions of the car are somewhat limited. Due to the current system, the charging function of the battery, the measurement of voltage and measurement of the digital signal does not work on an AC layout. All other functions (like speed, inclination, slope and distance) are fully usable.

AC wheelsets must not be used!

Can you configure the Measure Car via WLAN using the ConfigTool?

No, the configuration has to be done with an USB data cable.

Can the Measure Car App be used with the PIKO SmartController®?

The Measure Car App can be installed on the PIKO SmartController®. You can now switch between the to Apps (SmartControl / Measure Car) or use a second SmartController if available.

You can also run both devices with the router of your home network. With help of the ConfigTool you can connect the Measure Car with your home network.

6) Video of the Measure Car (German)


7) Support:

If you cannot find the answer(s) to your problem in the above mentioned manuals and FAQs feel free to contact our technical support:

** Licensing agreement for the usage of PIKO software
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It concerns software, that can be downloaded from this website.
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1. Licensing 

The PIKO Spielwaren GmbH grants you the non-transferable, limited and non-exclusive right to use the software only for your personal purposes. You are not allowed to load the software on a RAM unit, on a hard drive, or install it on any other data carrier of a computer, a hardware product or a mobile device. By using the software, you do not gain any ownership rights, copyrights or any other rights of the software. The content of the software is licensed and not sold.

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